⭐ What’s a good value car <$10K?

Nothing is available in mass supply in that price range.

Especially considering the inflationary environment we're in.

You need to find a needle in the haystack.

Under $10K, I always recommend Japanese vehicles: Toyota, Honda.

They are typically the most reliable in the short and long-term.

If you can’t find Japanese vehicles, I recommend American: Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, GM.

Whatever you do, stay away from German: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche.

You will spend $1000s on repairs and they will give you nothing but trouble.

  • If you’re intending on paying cash, try FB marketplace or Craigslist.
    • Pros: You will find what you’re looking for.
    • Cons: Sketchy people. Vehicle may have undisclosed issues. Overall a risky move.
  • If you need to finance but have decent or good credit, try going to a new-car dealership.
    1. They may have a trade-in laying around.

    2. Pros: You may find a gem.
    3. Cons: The dealership will know it’s a gem and charge you an arm and a leg. It will also sell very quickly. Tough to find.
  • If you need to finance but have bad credit, try going to a used-car dealership or buy-here-pay-here lot.
    • Pros: You will most likely find something decent. This is your best bet for a cheap car.
    • Cons: Dealership might sell the car as-is given it’s so cheap. Not as risky as option 1, but still some risk.

Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet
Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet