Industry statistics

New Car Inventory is DOWN 72% since 2019.

Let that sink in.

And people wonder why Used Car prices increased 42% in 2021… The only thing that can immediately stop this madness

Is a monster recession

And I don’t wish that upon any of us.

Evolution of Car Dealer Marketing: (sorted by effectiveness)

2010: Newspapers, 3PL sites

2015: Facebook, Google, 3PL sites

2020: Instagram, Facebook, Google, 3PL sites

But of course, word-of-mouth has always been #1.

How customers prefer to acquire their next vehicle:

71% In-person 17% Fully virtual 12% Partially virtual

(Source: Deloitte 2020 Consumer Auto Survey)

Dealership margins:

Vehicle margin: 6-8% Ancillary Product margin: 40-60%

Negotiate wisely.

Top 3 Factors With Biggest Impact on Consumer Car Buying Decisions:

68% Pricing 54% Product Availability 36% Product Assortment

(Source: Some wall-street analyst report circulating within the dealer network)

Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet
Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet