Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet
Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet

Welcome to the Car Buyer Cheatsheet

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Resources (Updated Daily)

⭐ = Most Viewed Content

👱‍♂️ Personal

⭐ My personal experiences and beliefs
Why car dealerships are dead
⭐ Twitter Car Buying Service
Random startup ideas
Funny sh*t

🤫 Industry Information

⭐ Carvana’s secret sauce
⭐ How Carvana Growth Hacked to Success
⭐ Industry tricks, secrets and hacks
Economics of a car sale
Hot takes on online dealers
Industry statistics

🚘 Buying

⭐ How to get a great deal at a car dealership (without getting lucky)
⭐ What’s a good value car <$10K?
⭐ When buying, should you trade in or sell yourself?
⭐ Common pitfalls when buying a used car
⭐ Which products should I buy at a dealership?
Should I buy now or wait for the market to cool?
Should I lease or buy?
Should I buy a car with a salvaged title?
Is it better to buy a used car from that specific brand’s dealership?

💵 Selling / 🔁 Trading-In

⭐ How to get the most money for your trade-in
⭐ My car’s value has gone up. Should I sell or hold?
Will I get more money for my trade if I fix it up?
How can I trade-out of my vehicle if I have negative equity?

💼 Dealership Operations

⭐ How do I become a car dealer?
⭐ How to successfully run a dealership
⭐ Tax Benefits of Dealership reinsurance
What is the average margin on a used car?
Dealership software
Dealership real estate 101

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